How can I help?

I offer a wide range of services to help you get the very best from your garden, from short, tailored courses to advice and design. Have a little browse and decide how we can best work together to get you the garden you deserve.

Kate watering evergreen Photinia Red Robin and Elaeagnus ebbinger.

Boost your confidence and get more enjoyment from your garden.

You choose the duration of the course, from a single morning to several sessions. The course is run in your garden so the topics covered will match your exact requirements.

Spring Perennial Border with Salvia Caradonna & Heuchera

Are you scowling at a tatty border or desperate to create a beautiful new border for all seasons? If so, let me know and I will rejuvenate, re-design or revamp your borders. A visit, planting list and border design costs as little as £275.

Buddleja (Butterflu Bush) with Peacock butterfly.

Getting the most from your garden can appear daunting. Everyone seems to have their own way of doing things and it can easily become confusing.

Allow me to ease you through the minefield.

Watering newly Planted Shrubs

If you are struggling with keeping on top with the care of your borders or vegetable patches let me help.

This package is the perfect option - planting, weeding and pruning starts from £25.00.