Advice and Lessons

Have you looked out at your garden and sighed wistfully before fretting over how to go about creating the sort of thing you see in magazines or on TV? Then maybe all you need is a little helping hand to get you started.


There are always little jobs to do in the garden. Click here to find a list of what you can be getting on with at this time of year.

Advice Service

If you would love to have a wildlife friendly garden, improve the soil and grow fruit and vegetables, or create a child and pet friendly space then allow me to accompany you on a walk around your garden.


I can give you advice on maintenance, borders and border care or even what can be done to create new designs and spaces.


From £75.


Have you ever been perplexed by the wealth of often conflicting information about gardening given by magazines, radio and TV? Are you keen to learn but unsure as to where to start? Are you eager to develop your existing skills but uncertain of where to turn?


If so, a few lessons may be all that you need build the confidence you need to tackle your garden. We can work together on specific areas and together create a beautiful, scented space or productive veg plot.


From £75

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