Spring Narcissus

Getting the most from your garden

Gardens should be spaces that help us relax. They should be full of colour and perfume; places where families can unwind and have fun, where wildlife can thrive and where the freshest foods can be harvested.


Getting a garden that can do all this can be difficult, particularly for someone who is not that confident.


This is where I can help. I can give advice and training that will boost your confidence and enable you to develop your dreams.

late summer colour border

How can I help?

Short Courses

Held in your garden and giving you the confidence to tackle your garden head on. Subjects include vegetables, fruit, containers and pruning.



Develop your skills and knowledge.



Help on pet-friendly gardens, fruit and vegetable growing and encouraging wildlife.


Border Design and Care

Revamp and rejuvenate existing borders or create new, beautiful ones.